I Gatti di Roma

Monday, April 03, 2006

So, I came across a sterotypical "Cat Lady" while walking back to Franci and Jacob's place. She was very upset that I took pictures of the cats, afraid it would encourage people to come to Rome and kill all of the cats for their fur. She's was a bit nuts... This site is dedicated to all of the cats that I see along my travels. Why am I so interested in cats when there is so many other things to see around me? Well, Rome actually has an organization set up to take care of the stray cats. They catch the males and neuter them. They have a sanctuary where they live, play, and are well taken care of at Largo Argentina. Largo Argentina just happens to be the site of ancient ruins of 4 temples and also the place where Julius Ceasar was killed. Just a few pictures of the Italian kitties I've come across.